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      1. Today is 2019-5-6, Welcome to the web ZYNP (Anhui) Co., Ltd. Website: m.ibrarwood.com

        Hot          Professional production of mainstream cylinder liner
        Contact us

        ZYNP (Anhui) Co., Ltd.



        address:Economic development of Feidong County, HefeiNo. 8 District Bao Avenue

        About us
        company profile   ZYNP (Anhui) Company is the former Anhui Huizhong Engine Parts Co., Ltd. It was founded in April 2012 with a registered capital of 67.7 million RMB. It specially produces cylinder liner for passenger cars with a designed production capacity of 40 million PCS per year. In Oct 2014, ZYNP Group purchased 70% equity of the company and it's a holding subsidiary of ZYNP Group now (ZYNP Group is the biggest OEM cylinder liner supplier in the world and it was listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange in the year 2010)。 After th...

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